Meeting Objectives

PRESTO meetings are great opportunity to meet and collaborate.

During meetings, we strive to inform on PRESTO activities; including (1) PRESTO organizational activities, (2) the state of MSU development worldwide, and (3) the state of ongoing research at PRESTO centers. We also discuss activities promoting the PRESTO mission of research and advocacy. This may include further in-depth presentation and discussion of important research results presented at scientific meetings that are relevant to prehospital MSU-based stroke treatment.


General Meeting
ESOC Fall 2020 (location TBA)
ISC 2021 (location TBA)


General Meeting and Executive Committee Meeting
Los Angeles, CA
February 2, 2020

General Meeting
Milan 05/22/19

Board of Directors Meeting
Milan 05/22/19

General Meeting
Montreal 10/19/18





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