Thank you for your interest in joining PRESTO!

Please complete the appropriate application and submit with your dues payment to become a member of PRESTO. Membership types and descriptions can be found below. The PRESTO membership year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Membership Categories


a MSU group or hospital who is involved or plans to be involved in pre-hospital stroke management may join.  The organization will pay dues on behalf of its members. The individual members of  the organization may attend meetings but will not pay dues or vote (unless they are Individual Members). Organizational membership annual dues are $2000 USD.


Scientists, physicians, health care providers, or other professionals who are significantly involved in the clinical or scientific aspects of pre-hospital stroke care, shall be eligible. Individual membership annual dues are $200 USD.


Any company which is involved in stroke care or would be interested in further developing pre-hospital stroke care. The industry members may attend scientific meetings but cannot participate in PRESTO society assemblies.


Persons who have contributed greatly to the development of the study of pre-hospital stroke care or whose work has been of importance in the world may be appointed as Honorary Members. Honorary Members are exempt from annual membership dues but enjoy the rights and benefits of Individual Members. Please contact the Executive Office if you believe you qualify as an honorary member.

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